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        The advantages and disadvantages of digital printing dye and standard color

        Release Time:2018/4/11

        Digital printing production will use a lot of dyes. The price trend of dyes directly affects the cost of digital printing. The use of color management system (dye configuration) can achieve economical, practical, and other effects, but the digital printing development time is too short, the production of the equipment can not reach the maturity of the traditional printing, and the choice of the dye hue is the digital printing of larger differences One question, what are the advantages and disadvantages of digital printing dyes and standard hue?

        To understand the choice of digital printing dyes and standard hue, we need to understand the advantages and disadvantages of the four primary colors used in dyeing and reference printing, or a similar combination of limited primary colors. Let's take a look.

        The advantages of the dye bath are:

        (1) The color accuracy is quite high. For printing and dyeing companies, the operating habits are similar and easy to accept.

        (2) Low requirements on the jetting accuracy of digital printing machines. For light colors, as long as there is software support. The amount of sprayed dye can be reduced to 5 ml/m.

        (3) Due to the low accuracy, the jet printing speed may increase.

        The disadvantages of the dye liquor are:

        Requires a person who has mastery of color palette: need to store many kinds of dyes like the printing and dyeing plants, and due to the special requirements (such as cleanliness) and color matching accuracy of jet printing dyes may need to be equipped with a color measurement color matching system and automatic dye toning system. The above system is more expensive.

        Advantages and disadvantages of digital printing dyes and standard hue

        With reference to the four primary colors used for printing or similar limited primary color combinations, the advantages are:

        (1) The dye reserves can be reduced by simply preparing several dye baths.

        (2) It is not necessary to equip expensive color matching and dye deployment systems. Instead of recruiting professional color matching personnel, the color analysis can be performed automatically by computer software. The dye cartridge can be inserted into the digital jet printer.

        Referring to the four primary colors used for printing or similar limited primary color combinations, the disadvantages are:

        (1) The need for dedicated color analysis software, commonly referred to as RIP (Rasterized Processor), while the RIP software's level of compilation has a major impact on color accuracy and printing speed.

        (2) There are many dye liquor manufacturers, many different hardware and software combinations are produced, and there is a lack of uniform standards. If the equipment type is changed, or more types of equipment are shared, it is necessary to equip the corresponding dye liquor and cannot be mixed, resulting in inconvenience in use.

        (3) The jetting machine has high requirements for the jetting accuracy. Generally need 360 ~ 720DPI.

        (4) The operating habits are very different and need to adapt. Through joint discussions with equipment manufacturers, the use of limited primary color combinations is currently a technically and economically reasonable choice. It is more suitable to choose 8~10 dye liquid combinations. On the one hand, it has a relatively small number of combinations, which is convenient for dyeing liquid reserves; on the other hand, it increases the color of orange, dark blue, light blue, light red, etc. on the basis of the four primary colors, which increases the color gamut and is conducive to accurate The color is attached. Choosing a good software management system can economically meet the vivid colors.

        The above are the advantages and disadvantages of digital printing dyes and standard hue. I hope we can help you.
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